WordPress Website Redesign
Project completed during my time as the College of Business Graphic Designer.  
We moved from Drupal to WordPress and added more functionality to our website, including a responsive design. New Features are listed under each image. 
To view the full site: www.business.iastate.edu
Iowa State University College of Business Homepage
New features: front slider to show news, announcements and events; News and Announcement section; drop down navigation menus; editable area = blue bar area - this can be a full width widget or have 3 columns that change on each page if needed; breadcrumbs
Iowa State University College of Business Current Students Page
Page for all current students. New Features: social media profile timelines; Announcements; Contact information displayed for departments
Iowa State University College of Business Undergraduate Career Services homepage
New features: sub-menu for Career Services under main navigation; drop-down menus; Blog; News and Events recent posts; editable area in blue bar - includes quick links and the index to the site
Iowa State University College of Business Events
Page that lists all of the main events for the college. New features: having a spot for all our events; blue bar area not showing - can have a full page view without this widget area; full-width page
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